Is Cremation Right for your Family?

When a loved one dies, you have tough choices. Usually, the first step is deciding if they are going to be buried or cremated. Family dynamics play an important part in this decision. Cost is also a factor in determining the final resting place of your loved one. We will discuss which alternative may be the best for your family. There are several options for Cremation Services San Bernardino, California.

The first thing to consider is the religious aspect for the deceased as well as for family members. In ancient times, Christians shun away from cremation. They believe they must bury the dead for resurrection. Other religions support cremation, such as Hinduism, Paganism, and Jainism. However, in modern times, most faiths allow this type of process. This could be because of financial restraints or that religions are evolving. It is essential to understand your loved one’s ultimate wishes.

The cost has a significant impact on family members. A typical burial can cost upwards of 15 thousand dollars. This includes the burial plot and the casket. Cremation is a much lower out-of-pocket expense, ranging from 1 thousand dollars to approximately 3 thousand dollars. Each method can include a funeral or wake. You never have to sacrifice a memorial if you choose cremation. Celebrating their life is vital to the healing process. Cremation services San Bernardino, California, can help you select the correct urn and memorial for your loved one.

If your loved one had a will, the executor makes the final decisions according to their requests. The will may establish their last resting place, including location. More often than not, when one makes a will, they will state how or where they would like to be. With cremation, you have the opportunity to keep their ashes or spread them through different places. Maybe the deceased had a favorite activity or area. You can choose to distribute the ashes how you wish or how they instructed in their will. Always check local and state laws on scattering ashes.

It is always hard when someone dies. The emotional toll can be devastating. As the executor or the one who has to deal with the burden of financial decisions, every step should be as simple as possible. Deciding how to handle the final placement shouldn’t be your entire focus. Contact cremation services in San Bernardino, California, to obtain help with your loved one’s final resting place.


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