Why you might need a complete dental exam

Eating is one of the essential parts of human nature as a means of survival; no human is ever alive without eating once a day. In eating, we use our teeth, and indeed, it plays a crucial part in our lives. Not only is eating, but also in the way we present ourselves to other people. Often, we neglect the fact that as we use our teeth to chew every day, there is always a possibility to have it damaged without us knowing. Thus, if that’s the case, it can affect the way we live just because we are unaware of our current predicament.

How does poor oral health affect your well-being?

Regular dental exams help us identify the problems in our teeth and remedy them if any. Oral health is everything as it can radically influence every part of your body if they are not well enough. Some problems caused by poor oral health are cancer, blood clots, bone loss, fertility problems, and other things. With that being said, it is worthy of adhering to a standpoint that regular dental exams are indeed crucial in our well-being.

Some of the common dental problems

Children and adults are often recommended to have a dental examination every six months, while babies should have theirs in their first year. This is to prevent the decay from developing and identify what needs to be cured. Dental problems are not limited to tooth decay only; they can be gum disease, tooth sensitivity, bad breath, and even oral cancer. There are things that you cannot determine by merely looking at the mirror.

How often is the regular dental exam

Now, the question lies in how often we should have a complete dental exam? As enunciated by the American Dental Association, it is for the dentist to determine based on your first dental examination results. Hence, to answer the question, you need to visit your dental clinic and determine what should be done on the problems of your teeth, if any, and how often you should see them for a regular dental exam.

Where to get your teeth fixed

To find and fix your tooth decay, if any, is the first step in achieving your holistic well-being. Dental exams do not deal with oral health itself but your overall health. Theivydental.com is always committed to addressing all the constraints and difficulties in your teeth that can deprive your confidence and restrain you from being happy. Fixing your smile is our top priority, and all our dental health professionals are highly skilled.


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